Communicate and Stimulate

Let’s be honest; meeting people can be pretty tough! And meeting “The One” can be even tougher! Thank goodness we’re in the era of Zoosk, eHarmony, Hinge, Tinder, and other amazing apps that allow us to connect with people pretty effortlessly. People in which previous eras, we may have never been able to meet. If nothing else these apps have made dating a lot more interesting!

But what happens when it’s time to really get to know the person on the other side of that screen? You know, when you’re at the point in life where you know exactly who you are and the person you want. How do you stimulate those much needed, TABOO conversations about SEX, MONEY, DRIVE, HEALTH, FAMILY VALUES, and SPIRITUALITY? And how do you do this quickly, to where you aren’t wasting any more of your emotional energy or time than you has to?

The answer is simple; download 3rdDate and "COMMUNICATE & STIMULATE"

What Is 3rdDate?

3rdDate by is an interactive communication stimulator app that allows you to build profiles and indulge in thousands of simple to taboo questions, preloaded from diverse content writers all over the world! The questions could literally come from your next door neighbor, a CEO, or your favorite celebrity.
Each question falls under at least one of these six crucial categories: SEX, MONEY, DRIVE, HEALTH, FAMILY VALUES, and SPIRITUALITY.

The questions can be as light as, “Company is coming over and you only have time to clean one room. Which room are you cleaning? Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, or Bathroom.” Or the questions can be as intense as “You send YSO (your significant other) the “I’m going to give it to you, ALL NIGHT LONG!” text. What you really mean is “15-30 Min, 30-60 Min, 2 Hours, 4 Hours+.”

Who is 3rdDate for?

Every problem that has ever existed started with miscommunication or the lack of proper communication. In fact, the more we communicate effectively, the less room we leave for problems. 3rdDate creates a lot of sexy, intriguing, and stimulating conversation. But hidden under all that fun, the game provokes much needed conversations between any two individuals that plan on moving forward together and as individuals in life.
The 3rdDate App is for those who have been engaging in light conversation but are ready to dive into a much deeper level of intimacy. It’s for those who may have gone out on a couple of date and can see some potential in the other. People just like you. By downloading 3rdDate, you will be able to get answers to questions that you need to know before moving forward.

So go ahead, download 3rdDate today on Android or IOS. Have fun. COMMUNICATE & STIMULATE and DIVE DEEPER!